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Salt-diva Izelle Hoffman creates a succulent dish using brisket (also known as corned beef – so called because the meat was often treated with large grained rock salt, also called “corns” of salt). The brisket has been cured (or pickled) in a seasoned brine. Create a tender and delicious feast! I might give this ago in the Weber!


(Corned Beef is a cut of meat (brisket) that has been cured (or pickled) in a seasoned brine)

Create a tender and delicious feast with this easy recipe that never disappoints!

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 4 hours
Serves 6-8 people


  • 1 Corned Beef +/- 2kg
  • Oryx Desert Wine Salt and Oryx Desert Ground Black Pepper for seasoning
  • 75g red salad onions sliced (the whole ones with their green stems)
  • 4 garlic cloves sliced
  • 6 cups of hot water
  • 15ml olive oil
  • 1ts Oryx Desert Wine Salt
  • 1tsp paprika
  • 50ml balsamic vinegar (15ml to prepare the meat, and 15ml to be added when
    making the sauce)
  • 80ml honey


  • Pre heat oven to 160’C on Thermo Fan setting
  • Trim and discard most of the surface fat from the brisket.
  • Rinse well under running water.
  • Lay meat, fatty side up in a roasting pan.
  • Season with Oryx Desert Wine Salt, and Oryx Desert Gound Black Pepper
  • Pour the 6 cups of hot water around the brisket and add the sliced garlic cloves and
    red salad onions
  • Seal the pan with foil and bake until meat is very tender when pierced, about 4 hrs
  • Uncover and drain off most of the liquid into a bowl, leave just enough to cover the
    surface of the pan
  • In a small mixing bowl, mix 1 cup of the drained liquid, olive oil, 1tsp Oryx Desert Wine
    , 1tsp paprika, balsamic vinegar and honey. Spread evenly over the meat.
  • Broil until the honey glaze begins to brown, would be about 3-5 minutes.
  • Serve with a side of your choice; Izelle served it with oven baked roast sweet potatoes.
  • Can be served hot or cold; slice meat across the grain.

Chef Izelle Hoffman – Lifestyle Chef

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