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Following on from Pete Kirk’s recipe we continue with our theme SALT ‘n SEASONINGS – why? Because our wonderful partner-in-salt lifestyle chef Izelle Hoffman came to us with a fab idea of creating a series of customised sizzling season mixes based on Oryx Desert Salt especially for us!

Izelle says: “I love making use of raw honey in my recipes, and these seasoning mixes are no exception. Raw honey creates magic once it’s added to the season; and it works well whether it’s used for meaty dishes or vegetables!”

These recipes use small quantities so once it’s mixed up you’ll have enough to fill a 100g bottle with a little bit extra.

The instructions for all the mixes are basic, easy and simple but have a BIG flavour!

Give them a try! Here’s the first one:

DIY Mix 1: Use Oryx Desert Wine Salt

Red wine & Herb Seasoning
(Izelle refers to this as her Camouflage or Soldier Salt as the colouring is just like army fatigues – which is fitting since all ingredients fights against inflammation and disease :D)


  • 70g Oryx Desert Wine Salt
  • 5g garlic flakes
  • 5g onion flakes
  • 2g dried thyme
  • 2g dried parsley
  • 3g onion seeds


  • Prepare flavourings: Ingredients should be dry and small (ground, chopped, flaked)
    If you prefer using fresh Thyme and Parsley, dry the herbs in the oven at a low temperature (60-80’C) or in a dehydrator.
  • Combine the garlic flakes, onion flakes, dried thyme, dried parsley and onion seeds with the salt. Combine using a small bowl, mix well but avoid pulverising the salt.
  • The recipe is enough for 1 Oryx salt grinder with a bit left over to refill once it is half empty. Store the mix in an airtight container, or ziplock bag if you are mixing in bulk.
  • Ideally let it sit at least a day before using. Intensity of flavour will diminish over time, but it will last for a couple of months.

The potential uses are endless! Sprinkle over scrambled or fried eggs in the morning, ideal for meat dishes like stew, mince, stir-fry, roast, grilled chicken, over grilled vegetables or even as BBQ salt.

Why garlic flakes, onion flakes, thyme, parsley and onion seeds?

Izelle says: “When I develop recipes I always start with the ‘right’ ingredients. If you choose ingredients because of their health benefits you won’t just be making use of a seasoning to flavour your food – you will see it in a different light because of its health benefits! It’s like creating a wholesome and yummy plate of health!

Garlic flakes– forget apples, some garlic everyday keeps the doctor away! And I don’t mean because of the smell, but because of its amazing health benefits!
Garlic boost the immune system, reduces cholesterol, is a natural antibiotic, helps with blood pressure management and improves circulation! And that’s only naming a few of its healing superpowers!

Onion flakes– Onion is also a natural antibiotic. It’s antiseptic, purifies blood, strengthens bones and detoxifies your body from metals and parasites!

Thyme– Improves blood circulation, boosts the immune system and aids in curing respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, chronic asthma or seasonal allergies.

Parsley– Improves the immune system, and is a blood purifier, anti-inflammatory, improves bone health and protects from osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis

Onion seeds– These little pocket rockets are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant!


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Chef Izelle Hoff

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