“Cooking with Oryx Wine Salt and Oryx Smoked adds a beautiful earthy rich flavour to food- don’t be afraid to experiment and always have fun”

Chef Peter, Sense of Taste Chef’s School

“There are no rules when it comes to cooking with Oryx Dessert Salt range of Salts – just enjoy it – whether you roasting, stewing, basting, marinating, baking, poaching, sautéing – Oryx Salt simply makes it better”

Chef Angie, Sense of Taste Chef’s School

“For the love of good food and healthy living, I always start with the right ingredients, and that is why I had to add Oryx Desert Salt to my product basket of ‘must-have’ ingredients – you can taste the quality of what Mother Earth has to offer in the purest most natural way.”

Izelle Hoffman, Life Style Chef

“It’s the only salt I use. It really has a fantastic flavour. In comparative tastings, the difference is immediately noticeable, and it fits in with my philosophy: to close borders, to remain local.”

Margot Janse – Le Quartier Francais, Franschhoek

“ORYX salt is a great food salt. I use it as a salt on a day to day basis, as well as a finishing salt. The salt is everything I look for when it comes to flavour.”

Craig Cormack – The Goose Roasters, Stellenbosch

“Amazing home grown salt! So nice not to have to compromise on flavour  to stay local! Cleaner and more accurate fermenting and curing. I use it every day!”

Chris Erasmus – Foliage, Franschhoek

“I use this salt because I find that the flavour of the final product is better. Salt is a critical part of the curing process and the amount used is very precise in order to prevent the product from spoiling. With ORYX desert SALT I don’t have to worry about the salt overpowering the flavour of the meat. I don’t use less but end up with a better product. I was using sea salt previously but prefer the flavour of the mineral salt.”

Richard Bosman – Richard Bosman charcuterie, Killarney Gardens

“Your product is amazing. I find working with Oryx Desert Salt to be a great experience and an absolute pleasure.
In baking…salt is one of the main ingredients which determines the outcome of the end product (color, taste).
What is amazing about Oryx Desert Salt, it doesn’t have that sea smell and that heavy salt taste when you place it on your pallet. The salt particles is fascinating, it is more equipped for long fermentation, the process we use in artisan baking. In the fermentation process the salts function is to balance the growth of the yeast cells. That’s why I’m so fascinated about Oryx Desert Salt cause it breaks down slower than your normal salt and that allows the fermentation to go on its natural speed. During fermentation we also have to develop the nature sugar as well. Yeast feeds on sugar and sugar also produce colour. Seeing the Oryx Desert Salt keeps the yeast in control, creating that balance that the yeast don’t feed to much on the the sugar (natural sugar), and that’s what give you that perfect and irresistible colour.
We would like to thank you for such an amazing product.

Charlton – Sacred Ground, Franschhoek

“After going to all of the trouble of sourcing pasture fed animals I had no choice than to use the best salt available for my curing, which quite simply is Oryx Desert Salt” 

Steve – The Charcuterie, Stellenbosch

“A few sprinkles of Oryx Desert Salt over our 65% Dark Couverture brings to life something very unique and special in our chocolate. It enhances some background flavours in a way we have not been able to achieve with other salts. We also added it to our panned hazelnuts and our customers love it.”

Heinrich Kotze – CocoaFair, Woodstock

“We’ve been using Oryx salt for 4 years in our 72% + Salt slab and we’ll continue to use it because of the consistent quality of the product. It adds a wonderful savoury note to our chocolate and we love the fact that it’s pure and local.”

Anthony Gird – Honest Chocolate, Cape Town City Centre